cherry blossoms (sakura)

Thursday, 4 May 2017

credit photos:

yes, i took these photos from that website as i didn't get the chance to see cherry blossoms as myself. i love calling cherry blossoms as sakura because it is more special to me. i love sakura since high school and now i am full time employee. it has been 13 years since i fallen in love with sakura. 

even my youtube channel (private) is name by sakura. and my skrin computer is sakura too. spring has begun in some country already and it is summer already for certain country. mine, was full year of summer. humid and wet weather because there is rainy season. i live in tropical country. i'm not complaining though. 

somehow me myself love fall season even though in this country there is no such a thing. but last year for the first time, i got to experienced the fall season in istanbul, turkey. it was a beautiful weather for me. a crispy air that made me happy and it likes dream comes true. istanbul is beautiful and stunning country. i need to make a special post for istanbul. 

i hope one day i can see sakura with loved ones. i want to see in real life, to smell it and touch it. i will definitely take so many photos of sakura (cherry blossoms). i think this post will be a dedication for sakura (cherry blossoms) :)

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