Sunday, 12 February 2017

yes, i am one of the among people who got goblin's syndrome. to be honest i am so obsessed with this drama - until now. i can't get enough of it and i don't want to move on, yet. i wanna still be in this feeling for this kdrama - goblin. in fact i'm currently re-watching goblin episode 1 and gosh i miss this drama. 

fact - i don't feel like this for every kdrama that i've been watched. only apply for some kdrama, not all. that's why for me it is special feeling that i need to protect it while it lasts. okay, why i fallen in love with this kdrama? the reason is because i love the plot itself and the way they all elaborate the characters makes this drama even more alive and charming. i don't really know all these actors and actresses. i do know gong yoo, lee dong wook and yoo in na but never be their fan before. but man, now i am their fan. take my heart hahaha and ost (music) of this drama is really good. i've been listening couple of songs everyday. i'm not be kidding. the songs is really da bomb. like seriously how come they make such good songs. i wanna know their secrets. you can feel the emotion through the songs. it's pretty amazing for me. and i love their bromance in this drama between gong yoo and lee dong wook (sometimes featuring sungjae). they are so hilarious and i love watching behind the scenes. they are so cute too. my eyes is so hurt after that hahaha 

i already falling in love with gong yoo and kim go eun. they are so pretty and make me envious of their chemistry in this kdrama. i'm starting to like kim go eun's acting. she's so beautiful and i don't even understand why some knetizen said that she's ugly. gosh i sometimes really hate knetizen hahaha i don't get it why she got so many hate comments on her looks. i mean she's a natural beauty. knetizen - sometimes really annoying. peace

i recommend to all of you to watch this drama and you will not be regret, trust me. i do not regret watched it at all. this is why sometimes i don't want to watch kdrama - because i don't want to involve with this kind of feeling. it is really hard to get rid of.  need some times to feel normal again (why so serious) hahaha.

anyway have a nice sunday evening and be ready for this coming monday. have a nice week ahead guys :)

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