Dear Diary

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Dear 2016,

It’s the time of the year to reflect all the memories back. There are some good memories and bad memories that happened in last year. I want to cherish all good memories while bad memories will remained as lessons in my life. I will take it as a reminder for me to strive for a better life, I guess.

I couldn’t remember what have happened in January until April 2016. Oh I forgot that my brother’s wedding took a place in March 2016. How could I forget those memories. I’m becoming more grandma now haha.
But I remember clearly what happened in May, in May I have office outing and I am the one organized it with my others colleagues. We were planned it starting from Feb until early May and the progressed getting more and we were a bit stressed. But after finished the event it is so worth. I had the best time so far in my career journey with that event. So happy and proud of it. 

In June and July, it is Ramadan time and after that we were celebrated the Hari Raya (Syawal month) and I ate lots of good food. In Nov, my family (mom, dad & sister) and I went to Istanbul, Turkey for 9 days (of course it’s for holiday). Istanbul is so beautiful and I love historical places. That will be a separate post for that trip. 

I did exchanged gift with my colleagues and also they gave money for me to buy a present for my birthday. And I bought myself a watch. I bought Daniel Wellington watch which is Classic Black (newcollection). I love it so much. I am wearing it right now. Thanks my colleagues. 

And fast forward, we already welcome New Year. I never celebrate New Year but this year my family and I happen to be in my cousin’s house for her daughter’s birthday party. 

Anyways Happy New Year guys!! Wish you all the best and a wonderful day ahead.

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