Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Yup, last Monday was my birthday, 25 years old. Still growing up and still lost once in a while. Did some celebrations with my family, my colleagues and my cousin with her family. Thanks for the cakes guys! In Dutch tradition/culture, you have to treats others on your birthday so I brought two cakes last weekend for my colleagues (well I don't know if they just create only for people in the office or it is really thing for Dutch people).

I baked with my sister and we were made three caramel rainbow cake. It's not that hard but of course my sister who the one that take a lead in the process of making that cake. I'm a kitchen helper. And it success and tastes really yummy.

And last Saturday my cousin with her family did a little birthday surprise for me with a cute strawberry white chocolate cake. I feel so touched. And I got RM380 for my birthday gift from my colleagues. Thanks everyone for the warm wishes as well :)

Disclaimer: All photos in these post are from Google.

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