King's Day | 27 April 2015

Tuesday, 28 April 2015


*sound of birds* *chirp chirp chirp* Hahaha :p

Yesterday I went to King's Day celebration and King's Day means the celebration of king's birthday for Holland (Netherlands). They do celebrate their king's birthday and it's on 27 April 2015 (every 27 April).

The event is quite nice and there are so many people that invited and of course the majority is Dutch people. It consists of students, the person who works in Dutch company but in Malaysia (obviously) and etc. I been there twice, last year and this year and I can say that they improved a lot for the event.

It was heavily raining yesterday before the event started and my colleagues and I feel a little bit worried because last year also have the same weather and it's horrible. At ambassador's house there is a mini garden and there is floods a bit on last year and it ain't cool at all. Hardly to move around and for girls is nightmare because there are so many people who wear high heels and you can imagined by right now how it turns. Luckily I'm just wear flats at the time hahaha

But don't worry they already take care of it very well on this year. So let's applause for the woods floor. The foods is okay and it just a small portion and very simple. We were had so much fun yesterday, laughing and dancing a little bit and there are so many good looking man :p

*Well actually I did took some pictures from the event but to lazy to transfer into computer. I will probably updated later by using mobile phone and hopefully it will turn good*

Good night! Have a nice dream :)

-updated on 03 May 2014, Sunday at 7.16 pm-

The King and the Queen of The Netherlands. They look young tho.

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