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Saturday, 28 February 2015


I think it become tradition for me to blogging on every weekend, just because it's weekend and I'm not working. It makes sense btw and now it is my free time to do whatever I want to. Last week I bought full set of make up brushes from local brand via Instagram. The price is RM 150.00 and maybe a quite pricey but hey you got 10 make up brushes so do not complaint about it. :p

I will do a separate review on it and also will put the picture of the make up brushes as well. Don't worry I will put the link of that Instagram so that if you guys interested to buy you just can click the link. But I don't know when I want to do that review. I got the make up brushes on last Tuesday and until now I didn't get any chance to test them, maybe on this weekend.

Now I have to find a foundation for me since I don't own them and I also wanted to find a new blusher for me. Maybe I need to go shopping a little bit for myself and I really wanted to buy books or new lipstick hahaha.

I been really busy a few weeks ago and really tired. I need to take a break and am really need a holiday so in the next month my family and I will go for holiday. Yeayyy I'm so excited and happy whenever I'm thinking about it.

That's all, till next time! xoxo

Back to the nature for March trip

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