Sunday | 15 February 2015

Sunday, 15 February 2015


It's 9 days away from the last time I blogged. Currently just chillin in front my brother's computer and typing this post hahaha. Just now I just read some blogs, watched Running Man Ep 233 a bit (I'm not finished yet) and play The Sims 4.

I really have love hate relationship with Sunday because I got my chill day but tomorrow is Monday which makes me so annoying when thinking bout it. I don't like Monday but at the same time I can't wait to go to work. It's insane mannnn. I know sometimes I really weird and crazy.

And suddenly I just miss to hangout with my friends and just sit, eat and have a good laugh with them. I wanna meet with them so badly but sometimes we're really busy with our lives. And some of my friends stay far away from me so it makes more harder to meet.

We're planning to go for holiday together and the plan is to go to Port Dickson (PD). One of my friend really wanted to stay at Grand Lexis (one of the luxury hotel/resort in PD) which has a swimming pool in the room, just a small one. But I think is enough for us hahaha.

But the plan seems gone for a moment because I ask them to postponed. I don't really have a budget for the moment and also my sister plans to go to vacation for my family. It's been a long time that we didn't go for holiday (my family). Actually my mom kinda asked my sister when we're gonna go for holiday. So let's settle things with my family as family matters comes first. :)

Just chillin with my friends like this make my day. Credit photo to Tumblr.

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