Happy Weekend | 07 Feb 2015

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Hey everyoneee

It's weekend here and am currently on my bed just chillin with my brother's laptop since my laptop is broken. I didn't even send my laptop for repair because I don't have enough money for that and am thinking for buying a new laptop. Yeah yeah I know what's on you guys mind are. 

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Since I said I didn't have enough money to repair but thinking for buying a new laptop hahaha of course I need to save up first before buy it. I really wanted Macbook for myself but it's freaking expensive, RM6000+++ crazy man for just a laptop. I don't want to splurge just like that. :/

I'm starting to love my job now because before this I always complained about how boring my work is and I don't get any knowledge for my degree. But yeahhh people always say you have to try first in order to fallen in love with it. I totally agreed with that statement. 

Yesterday evening after work, my mom, my sister and I went to IKEA to take the "side of bed" (well I don't know what is called) after 2 months and half wanting for it to have in stock. We were already purchased the head and bottom (?) of the bed. The bed is already done yesterday night, made by my sister and my mom helped too. 

Seriously the bed is too beautiful and I love the outcome :) It's like a princess bed because of the head and it's white. Soooo magical and cozy. But I don't like the bed sheet because it doesn't match at all with white thingy and the bed itself. Anyway I just freaking love with that bed. My mom and my sister did change the position of the bed and I didn't like it but I cant't say anything. :/

So I think that's all for now and I am gonna stop or that this post will be long. 

Have a nice weekend everybody! Stay safe xoxo

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