Friday, 23 January 2015

It's Fridayyyyyyy and I love it so much.

One word come from my mind is chic. I love this kid because she's really a reserved kid. She is Tablo's daughter and before this Tablo and her came out in Korean variety show called The Return of Superman. It's about the father who have to take care of their children/child for 48 hours without a mom. It's really a good show and I really suggest to you for watch this show because it's so funny and exhilarating. 

I love all kids in that show. I love Haru because of how she reply her dad questions or any people who asked her. Too cute her answers. 

But now she and her's father, Tablo had to leave the show due to Tablo music activities. I really sad about it and am gonna miss them so much. I also love Tablo too because he simply funny hahaha.

This kid is really have a bright future ahead, love those pictures and it shown that she's so pretty for that age and cute.

Anyways I'm still watching The Return of Superman because I love the Twins and Triples. Ohhh yaa Sarang too (sometimes hehehe). 

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