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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

As title above I will tell about my favorite watch that I got last Thursday. I really want this watch a few months ago and finally I got it my own. I was very happy with my purchased.

I got a Classic St Andrews Lady. 

I love this watch because it's really simple and sleek, for me this watch will become timeless beauty. So many people already got this watch because it's just too beautiful and elegant.

I purchased this watch from Daniel Wellington (DW) website itself as I get 15% discount code from the person that I followed from Instagram. Yeayyyyy for me that I can save some penny from it. 

The actual price is $159 then minus $23 (discount code) then I only have to pay around $135+ (as there is cents on it). In Ringgit Malaysia is RM500.11. It's more cheaper than some local store that selling this watch though. 

Don't get me wrong for telling the price (it's not bragging at all), it's just that I wanna tell the real price after discount code. After this if you are interested to buy this watch go look for discount code from blogger (mostly it's from international blogger) because they all got discount code to give to their readers and etc. 

I promise that you guys will not regret buying this watch, it's just too beautiful. I'm freaking love this watch hahaha.  

How to purchase it? You can click the Daniel Wellington website in here. I recommended you to do an account first before you purchase it. Then please change the country that you came from as the link will be global, click the global word (at top left side) on the website. After that you can search your favorite watch then add to cart and checkout. 

How to make a payment? Choose your payment method because there are plenty of them which are Visa, American Express, Mastercard, AliPay, UnionPay and etc. If you doesn't want to use your credit card you can pay via debit card or PayPal. I paid by using Visa debit card. It's much easier though but I really don't know whether it is safer or not. Oh ya, sometimes DW will not accept your credit card due to fraud issues so you can may use your debit card or PayPal as it mentioned above.

Side note: PayPal is much easier and safer for online shopping because it will not reveal your credit card or debit card details. But in order to use PayPal as a payment method you need to make an account first. Here the link that you can learn how to make an account of PayPal on here (it's  for Malaysian only, I guess). 

After make a payment then you can already waiting for your watch to arrive and it will take between 3-5 days to arrive at your home if you are Malaysian (but it actually depends on where did you live).  

For Malaysian, you also can buy this watch from Fashion Valet on here.

Hopefully you all can get benefit from this post and will more interested to buy this watch. Have a nice evening :)

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