Currently... | 11 Jan 2015

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Currently I have the same feeling on earlier last year that what’s the purpose of having a blog but don't have good ideas or feeling so lazy to update. It’s crazy man!

  I have so many stories that I wanna tell in here but sometimes I get lazy and have no idea at all. Sometimes it’s really frustrated me and I can’t do anything. Whenever I see my favourite blogger posts something on their blog I felt so excited and happy. And to that I’m also want to be like that, means there is someone who will excited and happy whenever she/his sees my post up. *hope so*

But I really wanted to challenge myself to write better, be motivated and keep focus to this blog. I really want to explore more things in blogging. Lately I'd been reading so many blog posts regarding how to be motivated and how to attract people to read your blog. Attract means not for just number of views but people who come will get benefit or enjoy reading it. That's the biggest joys to me if I can make it. 

Honestly I concerned about the views of people who read this blog but now it is not important anymore since I started this blog is for improving my writing skill in English. But I do enjoy if there lots of people who will come and read this blog.  

p/s: I will not story about my trip to Johor Bharu as I said that I want to write in one post in the last last post (haha). Sorry about that.

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