Letters & Cards

Sunday, 11 January 2015

I am the one who love to receive the letters and cards from people for any reasons. Because it so memorable and unique memories to me. I love to keep and re-read back those letters and cards. For me it holds sometimes valuable in my hearts. I still keep those letters and cards that I got from my friends. I think it's from 1 years ago. 

These came from 4 people.

I hope that I can receive all of those letters and cards more in the future and starting from this year I wanna give letters or cards to my loved ones too. I wrote for my family and friends couple of times back a few years ago but it stopped when I entered university. And my mom doesn't encouraged me to do that because in her opinion it just wasted your money. But I want to that back because mannn the old ways, always the best for me (don't worry I'll get them the gifts as well). :p

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