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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Today is the last day for 2014 which is 31 December 2014. Wow, a time really does his job very well, not stop even a second. It flies really quickly. How things change and there are so many things that happen in this year.

So here are my recaps for 2014...

Started my internship at local firm who does secretary, accounting, auditing and taxation for 5 months and 3 weeks. It's a great experiences. 

Went for dinner with my girls after work. We were dinner at Milk Mustache (if I'm not mistaken), Bangi

Had dinner after arrived at Kuantan, Sorry I forgot the restaurant name. Quite good but the portion is too small and a bit pricey for that quantity. This restaurant is quite famous in Kuantan. 

From our hotel view at Kuantan, Pahang. After submitted our reports (actually my friend bf who did submit for us haha) we went to Kuantan to stayed for only one night. 

Had such a good time swam with my girls. I am so happy when I get to swim. I love swimming pool haha

I was really heartbroken and sad when I hear about MH370 (Malaysia Airlines) was ended at Hindi Ocean. It's such tragic incident that happen to Malaysia. :'(

I started my job in April at International organization as a Junior Finance Officer. Please excuse Jenn Im appearance. That time was my lunch time if I'm not mistaken. *peace yawww*

My pre-convocation with my girls. This picture was taken at Putrajaya. 

My convocation day in August 2014. This was taken at my home after graduation ceremony that held at UNITEN, Putrajaya. I'm officially graduated in Bachelor of Accounting (Hons). A big thanks goes to my family. Without them I am nothing. I did it even tho am not achieved flying colors for cgpa haha. 

Had been played bowling with my colleagues after work. It's been ages that I didn't play bowling. I love this sport haha

Keep strong SNSD and Yoona. Sone always with you. 30 Sept 2014 

Love this little girl. She's so cheeky and cute. My sister put that mask on her. Haha

I think that's all for 2014 memories even though there are many more but I just stop here. It might drag for a long long post so I don't want that. It will be super boring tho. 

What can I say is 2014 is really something because there are 3 huge incidents that happen which are MH370, MH17 and the latest one is Air Asia plane. Also floods are so worst at Pantai Timur. I pray that all bad things are quickly go and hope this year, 2015 will bring more good news and be better. 

It's already 1st January 2015 and happy new year to all of us. May this year bring us happiness and blessing from Allah S.W.T. 

A fresh journey is begin and slowly we color this journey with lots of good memories. In Sha Allah.

Till then. 

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