Wednesday, 3 December 2014

It's December already and only left a few weeks then boom 2015. I couldn't imagined how fast times flies. 

So many things happen in this year yet I don't achieve my target. How sad it is! 

I decided I don't want to make any resolutions for next year because I am afraid that I can't cope with it. Lame excuse! HAHA! 

Maybe I will do one just for myself to know it hehe. This month I'm kinda busy with work because there are so much things need to be settle before 20th Drc. This because the system in this year need to be close in order the new system for next year can enter. 

I'll be working in extra time (overtime) in this week and maybe next week as well, but only half an hour or 1 hour only. Haha yeahhh I know what you all are think but I can't stay too long at office. I will feel uneasy :p

The weather is so sunny right now and I already have my lunch. 

Till then. 

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