Thursday, 18 December 2014

Currently at the office...

I don't really have work right now except I'm now waiting for the payment batch to be done. Quite boring if you don't have work to do. 

Now I can say, the peak period for the payment team is almost done. Yeayyyyy!!! We were gonna have free time starting tomorrow. We are gonna do loads of filling and I'm not quite sure what to do after filling. 

We'll see on the next week tho. Then next week I'll have 2 days leave on 25th & 26th for Christmas leave that given by our big boss. So total with weekend is 4 days leave haha I can rest more at home.

Now at shopping mall there are lots of crazy sale and I think I will sold by that. Actually I need to buy so many things such as a pair of jeans and slack, couples of t-shirt and blouses and etc. It's been so long that I go shopping for clothes so I kinda miss it. 

Oh yaa, last weekend I just got back from Johor Bharu. I think I need to write about it at another post so I better stop now. 

Till then

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