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Friday, 28 November 2014

about me a little bit...

Well actually I wanted to make this blog as private as it can be but it doesn't hurts right if I tell you just a little bit about me. 

What is your name? 
-You can call me zath, that's what some of my colleagues called me -

How old are you?
-23 years old-

What is your gender?
-Proudly a lady (hahaha)-

 What is your purpose to make this blog?
-You can read it at last post-

Are you still study or working?
-I'm full time employee-

What course do you take at university?

Who is your idol?
-I think I don't have idol but I love Girl's Generation or SNSD from South Korea-

I think this is enough to know me a bit. Maybe someday I will show my true self. Hahaha I have so many things to tell in this blog. My wish is I can improve my writing, my skill in photography and etc. I want to do reviews about my beauty product or on anything so that it can help people. *I really hope that people can find it as an useful post*

I must try harder to achieve my wishes. 

This is my blog motto, I guess. :)

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