Sunday, 21 August 2016

Hi :)

As you all notice I did change my blog layout into simple straight cut haha. Well it's been awhile since my last post which on 29 February 2016. Wow it has been 6 months away from this space. To be honest it is really hard to update every week or every month. Not that I don't have anything to blog, it just I don't have that passion anymore. 

I've used to have that passion when I was young (university days) and now since I started my working life it took all my passion and energy. I just wanna rest, you know what I mean, I'm getting older. But still I love blogging so much. I've used to update every week or at least once in a month. 

But I'm gonna be back into blogging mood because I have tons of stories to be write and reading so many blogs make me miss this space so much. This space used to be my healing method and I wanna use it again, like the old days. 

So see you all soon. This is just lil update from me :)

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