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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Hi! I'm back with blogging again and feels so good. Today is such a boring and relax day for me and it's mixed feelings obviously haha. I feel so happy not doing anything but at the same time feel a little boring not doing anything besides online.

I'm starting to active back on Tumblr after neglecting it almost 2 months (I believe) and it feels so good. I love Tumblr so much because its bring happiness and inspiration to me. Btw my sister plans to go to Kyoto, Japan in November and I don't know whether I can tag along or not. Since I don't have money to spent it. I need to find money asap!!

But still I hope that I can go as well. I want to see Maple leaf too in Autumn. My sister said that Kyoto has the best Autumn. And I really want to go for oversea holiday. I miss taking a flight even tho I dislike it so much haha.

And the another reason why I really want to go there is I freaking love Autumn and wanted to experience it by myself. Japan is not my favorite place to visit but it never hurts to go there as I read lots of good review about Japan. Actually Japan wasn't a bad idea at all. 

And then my sister also plan to experience some Winter in Istanbul on February next year and Spring in Korea on April next year. Such a crazy sister ever because don't she knows that her little sister need to find money first. I'm so frustrated to hear all those planned, makes me mad for some reason hahaha.

But I really hope that I can go with those planned and if it happens I will be happier than ever lol. I need to find part time job asap!! LOL

Anyway have a nice weekend peeps! :)

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