Friday, 28 August 2015

Hi guys, its Fridayyyy and I’m so happy with it since tomorrow is weekend. I believe everyone must love weekend right because who does not love a short leave after working for 5 days straight haha. 
My perfect weekend is when I spent my time on my bed with laptop because I can do whatever I want to such as online, play games, watch some drama and movies and etc. And don't forget some food and snacks too. That’s thingy are real deal and can make you happy for no reason at all. I love food! (who doesn’t right xD)

For this weekend I will help my sister to make cookies for my officemate because they ordered it. And after that as usual my weekend routine started, am so excited already haha. I never felt bored when doing the same routine on weekend. That’s my pleasure and perfect definition for my weekend (at home).

I also very excited to do some reviews because I did purchased couple of products and really wanted to share in here. So please look out for it when the post is out. I will start working on that post on this coming weekend. 

And today I will go to karaoke with my colleagues after work for some entertainment bahaha. But actually I’m not a fan of karaoke but anyway I’m just tag along. 

Talk later because I’m still on working hours :p
Have a nice day!

p/s: Stay safe to those who will join BERSIH and to those who are not. 

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