Monday's Rant

Monday, 25 May 2015

No Monday blues for me today because I have so many things to handle since today is payment day. My colleague tell me if I want to stay more longer in the company and he asks if I'm interested to be senior or not. But honestly I'm not feel that am capable to be senior because you really need to know so many things. 

You also have to communicate very well with your boss, your juniors, your colleagues and etc. You should be able to protect yourself and your people from getting bully haha. But seriously I don't have confidence to be a senior. Too much responsibilities and I'm worried if I can't handle the tasks that given by my boss. 

I will not be able to explain myself very well so am afraid the things will getting worse. I would love to try but I don't have confidence. Maybe I need someone to push me and maybe I will do it but I am not guaranty if I can nails it or not. 

Anyways I didn't get the official offer from my boss or my senior so I can't do anything. In fact, I'm just only one year and a month in this early to be senior I guess. 

I need to improve my English first and as you can read my grammar is so bad. Pffttt!!

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