The reasons

Sunday, 23 November 2014

There are reasons why I started to make this blog. But actually I keep thinking whether I should make one or not. After argued with myself for couples of time then I decided yeahh I should have make one. Then here I am with my new brand blog.

The first reason is I wanted to improve my English skills in writing. I know my writing in English is really bad. Bad means sometimes I don't even know how to write in one sentences with a proper English. How sad it is right! 

The second is I love writing so much! I couldn't resist myself from writing bahaha that's why I have a diary because my passion on writing is too strong. Well I wish I can write like Vivy Yusof, Hanis Zalikha, Sophie Kinsella *cough*cough* and many more talented authors. 

The last one is I keen to write in everything which means in every aspects such as experiences in life, love, foods, beauty stuffs, travel and etc.

So this is the reasons why I started with this new blog. I also wish that I can update as much as I can and my posts will be very useful to some people. *hope so* 

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