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Monday, 27 July 2015

I’m back into work already. Before this I don’t really care about Monday, I mean there are so many people who dislikes or complaint about Monday (haha) but I don’t really do that. But now seems the Monday curse already into me (bahaha) because I feel really lost and a bit lazy.
Anyway today is really boring day because there is no enough work to do, like seriously I do nothing. Well I did some works but it just for couple of hours only and the rest is doing nothing. This apply to everyone in this department, you can trust me anyway.
How’s my raya? This year of Hari Raya is not really exciting for me, maybe because I’m getting old (hahahaha) but really I don’t feel enjoyment in this Hari Raya like it supposedly to be. Maybe someday I would feel happy again.
I did received “duit raya” (angpau/money pocket for Hari Raya) but only three. Poor me :( In Malay culture, only student and kids can received “duit raya” from adults. So since last year I didn’t received much. I’m getting old!
Surprisingly I have only one picture of my family but no in our traditional clothes which is “Baju Melayu with Sampin” and “Baju Kurung”. Instead of we are on Jubah and Abaya (its Arab’s traditional clothes). I don’t know why we didn’t take more pictures of us.  Btw, my brothers also don’t have “Baju Melayu” for this year. See this raya is the worst everrrr haha *joking*.
And there is one drama that happens in my dad’s side that literally involved with my family. It is really bad, I tell you guys. The reason was very simple but some people who involved in that situation are so annoying and fake. Like seriously you did some mistake so you just have to admit it and apologies instead of you have been mad to that innocent person. You don’t have a manner, so rude! It wasn’t our mistakes but at the end it’s our faults. Wow, just wow!! :/
So up until now it didn’t settle yet and I really don’t want to know about them anymore. I don’t give a damn towards those people anyway because now I know they are so fake and rude. Seriously this things have affect my family especially with my dad because he supported them and said we were the wrong side. Like WHATTTTT?!! I’m really mad towards my dad and I felt betrayed somehow. Anyway I don’t want to recall this drama anymore, so tired of those fake people. 
Sorry for being so emotional for this post. :) 
Selamat bekerja kepada semua warga Malaysia! Be happy no worries :)


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  1. Hi Young lady, this coming to you from Canada. Interesting posting, and ha ha, ta'banyak dapat duit raya? Tapa la...just enjoy the fun of it. You write very well too.
    Hey...take it easy with your Dad....Maybe you have to look at his side of the story....but whatever it is, we only have one father. My bahasa is out of tune so x'cuse saya champur chakap England and Bahasa.

    And yes, they can be wrong sometimes, their old ways or school of thought, but apa la nak buat kan.
    We all have our that one expression in an old P. Ramli movie, "dia kapla itu batu busarrr ada duduk", ha ha ha.
    Anyway, you stay easy, and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards dari Canada.