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Friday, 28 November 2014

Here I want to some random babbling...

Every people in this world have their own dream and passion so do I am. Everyone want to achieve and run for their dream career and life. But not everyone can achieve it. Some people who got luck and work harder for their own dream will get it. And some people who did they best just ended up on nothing. Isn't they fault? Or someone's else faults? 

For my thoughts is there is no anyone fault, it just happen and it is fated for us to accept it no matter what happen. Maybe there is a great future that wanting us that we don't know about it. Be patience, yeah I know it is really hard because sometimes I also stumbled with that thing. 

Patience, accept your fate... this is sometimes too much to handle but I believe in that things. My fate is already written but I can still change it except death and marriage (correct me if I'm wrong, thanks). 

For now, I didn't get my dream job yet but I realised that I don't even have my dream job. How come is this? Well actually I have one but I'm sure that's not my dream job or the job that I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I don't even know myself. Pfftt!! How sad I am?! May I be a stewardess? Hahaha Or interior designer or yeahhh I want to be wedding planner for God sake. It's used to be one of my dream job. I know I have a lot of career that I want to be.

But sometimes I wondering how I'm gonna achieve my dream job? 

Do you have a though about this before? Do let me know... 

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